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    Plaza Hardwood, Inc is a talented distributor of genuine 18th century flooring and reclaimed flooring from early buildings. We have enjoyed more than 25 years in business. Our satisfied customers are everywhere.

    Genuine Antique flooring is original flooring (see top left), boards from the 18th and early 19th century carefully removed from abandoned buildings.


This rare flooring has all of the original wear and texture from generations of use.

These floors are removed and numbered, and then washed, gently dried, and cleaned of paint to restore their natural beauty while retaining all of the original patina and texture.

    WaterSawn Pine™ (see right) carries the distinctive marks of 18th and early 19th century water powered sawmills. These beautiful wide, long boards were used as attic flooring or as subflooring in very old houses. They are quite original in every way. To make them suitable for reuse, they are power cleaned and gently dried making them ready for installation and finishing according to your taste.

    Reclaimed flooring (see bottom left) is remilled from old boards and timbers not originally used as flooring. The fine natural grain from slowly grown trees, occasional nail holes, wormholes and other characteristics of older wood shines through in reclaimed flooring. Tongue and groove milling and smoother surfaces are the result of remanufacturing.