White Oak flooring

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   White Oak has always been one of our most popular products. This floor is hard enough for all uses, it is usually even in color, it can be produced in the wider widths, and knots and character marks are attractive and not too intrusive. White Oak stains readily and is one of the woods that comes in longer lengths. White Oak, like ash and red oak, is ring porous, so that the appearance of grain patterns is noticeable in the floor. It has closer growth rings than either ash or red oak, so this slow growth ring pattern adds uniformity to the floor. The “White” in White Oak (quercus alba) comes from the color underneath the bark of the tree.

    In very dry climates, it is important to measure the humidity in your space. Under extremely dry conditions (9% to 15%), this floor will likely have slight cupping that will disappear with the addition of proper humidification.

    We prefer to mill White Oak, but we also have good sources of red oak as well. Red Oak is lighter in color and has more color variation and a broader grain pattern. Red Oak is available sustainably harvested.

Usually the oaks are available in two grades: Select and Character.