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These beautiful Swedish-made engineered floors can be floated, nailed, or be glued direct to the slab. Rappgo’s pre-finished flooring is an ideal solution for remodel, commercial and residential installations. Premium quality thick veneers allow multiple refinishing. The plywood core and wood veneer backing make this product extremely stable, especially given the 8” width of most products. Planks are individual boards in 6’ and 8’ lengths, completely prefinished, or pre-oiled or in some cases unfinished.

There are no small pieces except the ones you cut. Available in Pine, White and Red Oak, Nordic Ash, Maple, Beech, Larch,
and Hickory.


Wear Layer Comparison

Humidity often causes cupping in solid wood floors. This is why the actual wear layer of a Rappgo floor can outlast that of solid wood. Each time a floor is sanded and refinished, a percentage of the wear layer is lost. The cupping causes more wear layer to be removed at the edges, finally exposing the tongue and grooves, which then appear as wide cracks. This becomes even more severe in solid wide plank floors. The actual wear layer of a solid wood floor after mild cupping is no greater than that of a Rappgo floor.


NORDIC PINE.... The classic Rappgo plank. Each floor board is from specially selected 150-year old slow growing pines.

HEARTPLANK.... Reclaimed heart pine forms the surface of this rustic floor.

MAPLE.... A very hard blond floor, with a characteristic and appealing grain pattern that will brighten any interior.

BEECH.... Light, calm, and elegant, this floor is also very hard and wear resistant.

NORDIC LARCH.... This European wood resembles pine but is harder. The distinctiveness of aged Larch creates a warm interior contemporary as well as rustic settings.

NORDIC ASH.... The changes in color between the heart and sapwood of nordic ash gives this floor a fascinating and lively elegance.

ROYAL PINE.... Light, very beautiful, and reminiscent of centuries old manors where wide plank pine floors were hand scrubbed with lye soap for generations. To increase wearability we recommend an initial application of white-pigmented floor oil.

RED OAK NATURAL.... America's most popular wood, it displays the lightness and elegance so eminetly suitable to any interior.

WHITE OAK NATURAL.... This rappgo floor has a rich, deep color with interesting grain patterns, and is hard enough to withstand even the heaviest wear.